Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day One Hundred-Twenty Three

                                                             ' Down and Out'

6 x 6 oil on panel
40.00 + 6.00 s + h

    The cherries didn't quite make it into the bowl, thus the name.   I just really couldn't think of a title.... can you tell?
     I love to paint cherries, because they have such delightful highlights, and the surprising part to me was all the reflected light they get off of other surfaces.  This periwinkle bowl is one of my favorites, cause I love the color.  I picked it up at Tuesday Morning, and have smaller matching ones.  It was made in Portugal


  1. How about "We're Outta Here". The look to me like they are planning something.

    Nice job of the cherries. Lots of reflections and colors. I'm wondering what size brush you used to hame those little stems!

  2. Really nice job with all the fruit! Your colors are lovely. I understand why you like the bowl - I do, too. :-)

  3. the stems, Virgina.... well, it's the littlest one I can find. I think the number is gone off of it now, it's been washed so much... I used to get these red handled brushes with a bit of white on the tip at Michaels. I'm not sure if they still carry them... they were small 0, OO, and OOO sizes... they were inexpensive, too. check on those, if you have a Michaels near you !

  4. Thanks. Yes, I haunt the aisles of Michael's a lot! I just re-read my post. I don't know what "hame" means. I meant paint. Luckily you translated!

  5. Nice compostion. Love how you painted the blue bowl.