Monday, February 27, 2012

Fayetteville, Arkansas- 2012

  We had such a fun weekend visiting our daughter, who is getting her master's in teaching in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  While we were there we had some fabulous food, including a wonderful coffee shop called Birdhouse Kafe, and Hjem, a great Swedish restaurant on the town square.  We visited the brand new Art Museum, called Crystal Bridges.  It was built for, and given to, the people of Northwest Arkansas by Sam Walton's daughter, Alice.  She has collected fine art from American artists all of her life.   This is an incredible creation, nestled in the wooded landscape at Bentonville, the site of the first famous Walton's Five and Dime store, the beginning of the Wal-Mart empire.   It is free to visit, the collection is amazing in it's size and variation.  Located throughout the museum are 'rest' areas filled with couches, chairs, and art books !!!  There are extensive landscaped grounds to add to the pleasureable experience.  Fantastic !- and ALL American artists, to boot !

Monday, February 20, 2012

Twirly Skirts

     Just finished... Twirly Skirts, using fabrics I picked up last week.  My sis made two also, with ruffles instead of gathered sections.  Each one turned out a little differently.  Fun to experiment. I think they are all so cute. (These are my first ones, but my sis's 30th or so...)
     Can't wait to get some cute t-shirts to go with them. !   AW, being a Grammie is so fun !

     Check out my sister's skirts on her blog... here

Sunday, February 19, 2012

As Promised...My sweeties...

Promised to post a picture with the finished dresses.  They both wore them to their parties at preschool... Their mom claims that the dresses were the talk of the party... ha ha  !
     Here they are in their familyroom....

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Finished.... finally

     Latest quilt for newest baby.  My friend, who I have taught art with for the past 20 some years, is expecting her FIRST GRANDCHILD.... that is a BIG occasion !   Grandchildren are MORE FUN THAN YOU CAN EVER IMAGINE !

    LUCKY YOU, Pat !

     Here's a handmade quilt especially for your little bundle.  These are great for letting them lay on, if they are on the floor, and also, a place to learn to crawl !!!

Finished ? maybe....

     Still on the easel, but I've pretty much pronounced this one 'done'.   It's cool to shrink it down on the computer screen and see the whole painting in a different perspective.  It really helps, like Carol Marine mentioned to all of us in her August workshop last year in Fish Creek.... thanks for all the good suggestions, Carol !

Check out her wonderful work here.

Friday, February 17, 2012

In Progress

     After going to one of the High Schools in the area, this morning, to observe my student teacher, I decided I would start a larger canvas... (18 x 24)  today.    I have wanted to try some room interiors for awhile now, and even started a different one in acrylic at my sister's house on Wednesday.  
     I decided to post an image of it on the easel.  It's got a way to go still, but I'm pleased so far.   I'm certainly open to any and all suggestions anyone might have !!!!  Really, I am !!! 
     I think it will perk up a bit when I get a few more contrasting values added !

After adding it to the post, I realize how it desperately needs some added contrast (of values, especially)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Creative Wednesdays with my sis.....

Yesterday my sis and I got together for our weekly Creatathon.....  She worked on a ruffled skirt for her grandbaby, and I started a large canvas in acrylics.   I worked most of the day and pretty much just got the underpainting finished.  Boy, it's different working big.  I'm not used to my paintings taking that long.... ha  !
     I had found some cute fabrics to work with, and brought them home to start some skirts for my little ones......  Ruffles are a girls best friend, right?
     WELL, I didn't get a picture to post yet, so stay tuned for MORE TO COME.....

Meanwhile, here's a 'blast from the past'--- just couldn't resist !

Monday, February 13, 2012

     Yesterday I got to be in a fashion show.  My wonderfully creative friend, June, created over 60 fabulous garments from a T-shirt pattern !!  All her creations are so unique.  She is absolutely FEARLESS when it comes to sewing !  She invents as she goes !

     My great friend, Jackie got to be in it too... We had so much fun.  June and Jackie are my friends from tap class.   My sis took all the pictures.  She and I love to sew together, and will be inspired to create some new tops and dresses for ourselves !   Can't wait to get some new fabrics and try some of these !

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Never waste a minute that you can spend painting.... ha ha

     While teaching the students this week, I brought my acrylic paints to use during my 'off' hours.  It's a good thing for students to see a working artist, and to see that passion plays a large part of the mix.   They loved to ask questions about my works in progress, and the finished ones I brought, also.   I really enjoy working with my oils much better, but acrylics are certainly better than nothing when you can't use the oils...

    Here are the two that I completed...  I used photos for these, and some of the kids wanted me to take their picture and paint them.   I was able to get a few to work with in the future.

Friday, February 10, 2012

An Art Teacher's Life !

     I've taught the last week and a half for a friend who went on a cruise with her hubby for his dental school reunion !  It was a great all girls Catholic school, with wonderful students who were very well behaved, and very fun to be with.  I enjoyed my week.  We had lessons on color, where we painted a color wheel, learned definitions, and color schemes, and then painted some cool designs.... We also did a copper tooling project with the Art appreciation students.   Several were working on the Pasta House competition (where students paint a famous painting, and include a plate of spagetti).   Several independent students were working on various projects, too.   I was able to complete a couple of painting, as well as show the students examples of my work, and my altered books, journaling books, and other art creations.  I brought a handful of paintings, and was actually able to illustrate color schemes using my work..... 
      I came home 'bushed' each day, though,   Just like a remembered doing while I taught !!!  While teaching, I never had the energy to get paintings done, because on the weekends I had to spend my time catching up with housework and other stuff, like running errands,etc.

 All in All-- I wouldn't give up my RETIREMENT FOR ANYTHING !!!!  I love not having to set the alarm clock ! 

By the Way-- Here's a painting from before the teaching 'gig'


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Dresses

     Finally finished the girls Valentine's Dresses.  Linda and I have worked on them for 3 days, and I finally got the buttons sewn on to get them ready for the 'big day'. 

     We had lots of stitching to do with the embroidery machine, and that's what took so long.   I can just picture them all dressed up for preschool !-- We've enjoyed sewing together since we were little.  I hope the girls will grow up to have fun like that, too !

Tree Peony

     This peony grows on a bush, unlike it's cousin, who disappears into the ground each winter.  This particular one I painted several times, because it was so beautiful.  It measured almost 7" across... amazing.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

"Between Naps on the Porch" put out a challenge..  WHAT ARE THE THINGS YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT....  (my sister had a post referring to this blog)   
     I thought I'd just jump in and participate, too.
     I guess the one thing that I couldn't live without would be my family..... I know it sounds trite.... forgive me.   I just couldn't do without them.   My friends would be a big SECOND on that include, Pat, Jackie, June, Judi, another Jackie, another Pat, Julie, and Jennifer..... 

     I also would be lost without my ART, my MUSIC, and my DANCING.... that's about it !!! With all of that intact... I feel as though I can conquer the world !   ha ha ha ...

the first photo is my art studio and my tap shoes.... (which I love) and the second photo is my baby granddaughter's paintings which they painted last night, when they came for dinner.... They just fill my heart with joy.....