Friday, September 16, 2011

No landscape painting today... ugh !

It was so cold and overcast this morning, my sis and I just took a trip to all the local Thrift Store haunts in St. Louis. We did find a great store called Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. Donated building supplies come from everywhere, and land there ! What an adventure looking through it all.
Tomorrow I'm going OR ELSE ! I will find a spot and paint outside ! Wish me a good day, please.... - to be continued.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lil landscape

My sis and I are going to try our hand at 'plein air' painting tomorrow, since the weather in St. Louis has FINALLY cooled down. I hope I can get all the stuff together to get the job done. I probably need to invest in a different easel, but will try to manage with the old one for now... Now, lets hope for a nice day. ha ha

Red Cabbage (with ham?)

Don't know how red cabbage tastes, but I've always thought it looked cool. I suppose you could cook it with ham, or make it into coleslaw... I love coleslaw.
I thought I'd give this a try, to see if it would 'read' correctly with the strange, mottled, somewhat shiny surface. I DO love it's color !

Sunday, September 11, 2011

One Year of Daily Painting... woo woo

Today marks the one year anniversary of my daily painting blog... I've posted almost every day, aside from the time we were getting our 100 year old home ready to put on the market... The experience has been a wonderful lesson in discipline and growth for me. Daily painting has helped by "loosening up" my painting style, and my week long workshop with Carol Marine was SO intrumental in the growth process for me. Changing my style and approach to painting has been SUCH a struggle, though, I'll have to admit. I want to push forward, and the next year will see some changes, I hope, for the better...
The next year I would love to try a few new ideas.. Printmaking is One... Also, I would like to paint some bigger canvases, and work on changing my subject matter. I might even get more into abstracts- who can tell??
My paintings will continue to be available online on the Daily Paintworks Site. I may not post everyday, especially by working on larger paintings... but then again, Maybe I will ! I feel I've gained confidence over the past year, and am not so afraid to try to reach beyond what I've always done in the past.
Wish me luck-- and PLEASE STAY TUNED for more painting adventures ! thanks for stopping by my blog... comments that are offered are SOO much appreciated... (can't tell you how much they mean to me ) thanks, Sandy

Monday, September 5, 2011

"Hey, did you cry all the way home?"

The Daily Paintworks challenge was to 'paint your pig'-- either real, bank, whatever... I happened to have 2 different ones sitting right within reach, so I thought I'd let them get to know one another...
I just read Carol Marine's blog about her house burning down... My thoughts are with her, her hubby and sweet little boy. Wow, doesn't seem possible, but I guess that's a result of all the hot, rainless days down in Texas this year. SO glad she said they had fire insurance.. they left the area, so when they get back there, they will know for sure. Many people are thinking of you today, girl !!! Glad you are all safe !

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Up Top... in pottery bowl

I got these pears to paint, and hubby had them in the bowl with my overripe peaches... Somehow, I liked the arrangement...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Little Fiesta...

I found this cute little fiesta bowl at the antique mall the other day. (I DID have to buy 3 of them, in order to get the one I wanted) Anyway, I can always sell the extra ones at OUR antique booth !
After a few other paintings, and a mess on my table in the studio, I looked and saw all of these little oranges and stuck them into the bowl to get them out of the way. They looked kinda cute there, so I decided they would maybe work on the cloth. There's not too much going on, but, maybe that's a good thing ! ha ha

Friday, September 2, 2011

Gracie's Pics

My grand-daughter, Grace Ann, picked these out yesterday at the grocery store. She thought they were nice because they were sooo shiny. That they were, and I thought..... "hmmm... they would have some great highlights" Everything always works together, doesn't it? ha ha

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vintage Glass from Kentucky

This is a cute little glass I found at the antique shop in Catiz, Kentucky. I saw another one like it, only in blue, at a shop a couple of hours later. The blue one was more expensive, I guess it was rarer !
The NEW HEADER is courtesy of Beth Bathe, who is my new friend from our August

workshop together, with Carol Marine, in Fish Creek, Wisconsin. Beth has a blog- with a link on the RIGHT SIDE of my blog listings.... please check out her new site ! Her new paintings of figures and faces are really cool !!!