Friday, February 27, 2015

Steinberg skating rink- update

     The person commissioning the painting asked for a few more skaters.  Here's the final draft for the painting, which will be quite a bit larger.  This one is only 11 x 14...

     More skaters, a good idea, I think..

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Steinberg skating rink

     Here is a small study for the larger painting commission of the Steinberg skating rink in Forest Park, St. Louis.  We have a wonderful park, right inside the city, with great facilities that are used by citizens constantly.     The Forest Park began with the 1904 World's Fair, which was hosted in St. Louis.   Our Art Museum, Muny Opera and fabulous St. Louis Zoo are three main attractions. 
     The one buying the painting wanted the hospital buildings in the background.  Steinberg is very close to one of the city's main streets, Kingshighway, with it's row of great hospitals. The one to the right is Barnes, where I was born.  
     My friends and I would skate every Saturday at this winter rink.  Great memories.....

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Maplewood shadows

          I thought I'd change it up a little, making the empty space at the end of the driveway the focal point of this one.....   I really enjoyed the shadow play on the side of this red brick home in neighboring community of Maplewood.   These trees against the light background were a challenge, for sure.....

Monday, February 16, 2015

Tuxedo Park


  I have taken lots of reference photos, walking down the sidewalks, scanning the various views..... People that are outside on their porches, or on their lawns usually notice that I am there, I never felt any need to be sly about what I was doing.   While taking this photo, the man from across the street was pulling out of his driveway, made a U-turn and came back around to stop next to me.... He rolled his window down and said, "What are you taking pictures for?"   He then asked me if I tried to come back to the homeowners and sell them the paintings, which I've never really done, except for the time I participated in the 'Paint Webster' event last year....I don't know if it's curiosity, so much, or fear of strangers...
     Anyway, most of the pictures don't get used.  It's really hard to get just perfect shots to use, but this one I really loved the shadows on the side of house, and the way the sunlight was catching here and there....

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sweet spot

     I had lots of fun at the ribbon-cutting yesterday for the new Kirkwood business called 'Sammysoap".   My artwork is for sale there, and it's a great new little shop in the heart of Kirkwood, Missouri on Argonne across from the landmark train station.    Sammysoap is a for-profit business which was created to provide jobs for developmentally challenged adults.   Their products are made right on site, and they plan on distributing them nation wide.   The soaps they make, dozens of kinds, are great, thoughtfully produced from natural organic materials, and smell great and make your skin feel wonderful ! 
     I was able to meet most of the local business owners in the area, and talk with lots of new friends about the 'arts' in our community.   I got excited about getting involved in the community art functions.   I've never been to a 'ribbon-cutting' before, and it was fun being part of it !

     Here is another of my "Webster" homes in our community.   This one I changed the original view just a bit by re-locating a tree !

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Windows into the past

     I live, and was raised in a community which contains many century homes.  Owners take much pride in displaying their certified plaques next to the front doors, telling of the history of these dwellings.  While taking pictures one sunny day, I ran across some very interesting homes, and hopefully will create some paintings of these 100 year old beauties !