Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ad in the Webster-Kirkwood Times this week...

This is the advertisement for the art show which opens Friday. It's featuring smaller works for gift giving, and holiday budgets. I was so surprised to open the local paper and find my painting used for the ad. Most artists had sent jpegs to the gallery owner.
The show runs for a month or so. Hopefully there will be some 'sales' along the way !

Saturday, November 26, 2011


I took some time out from painting and had fun putting together some collaged mini-journals, which I sell at several shops. I paint, then cover the plain journals both front and back and also inside the front and back covers. I love to use antique interesting text, like old letters, yearbooks, children's book illustrations, etc. Next step is finding an appropriate old photo which conveys the feeling of the message for each book. I add other collage elements, also, and collage on all 4 of the surfaces of the books. I usually finish with a meaningful, or whimsical stamp of a saying, which is the finishing touch to set the mood of the collage.
They are fun to do, and even though they are very 'labor-intensive' I love working on them and can hardly pull myself away to cook dinner sometimes... ha ha h a

Here are some examples of 8 of them... both front, back, and insides.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Finally..... sorry it took me so long, but hang in there, please

Here are 2 new paintings that I started with, on my road back to daily painting., I figured apples would be a good one to start with, and the cheese and grapes were actually going to be my snack, until I decided they looked too good to eat, and decided to add the wine bottle and glass and paint them.
I just hope I haven't forgotten the things I learned from Carol's workshop in August.....

New Paintings yesterday....

I'll post a pix or two after going to do my Thanksgiving shopping.....


I just about FREAKED-OUT just now. I wasn't able to sign-in at ALL... panic set in, and I spent a frantic hour or so trying to submit HELP comments, etc. to blogger. I am so unaware of how this all works... anyhoo, I had checked a box to upgrade to the new blogger, and that was the culprit. When I just checked RETURN TO OLD BLOGGER it all came back... Whew !!!
Thought I'd post this in case anyone else had the same problem.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Breathing some life into this Studio....

I've been on a bit of a hiatus when it comes to my daily painting. So EASY to fall out of the habit, and so HARD to get the momentum going again..... Never thought it would happen, OH WELL... must move forward !!

I HAVE been busy doing other things though, HONEST, I HAVE !
I've been making these little collaged mini-journals, and selling them at some fun and interesting shops both in St. Louis, and in Boston and Fayetteville, Arkansas. I've made 3 baby quilts for my friend's babies, and have continued to try and do what I can to get someone interested in buying our house by doing jobs around the place..... A few side trips, also, to visit our daughter and friends, and NOW planning on having a feast for 20 for Thanksgiving,of course...
I think part of my problem (always looking for a scapegoat, I guess) is that I've set my studio up to paint STANDING, and I just don't think i want to do that. It seems so much more natural for me to sit, the standing just makes me have difficulty. (I know, it sounds like such a lame excuse !)

Well, look for the MORE TO COME on this very soon... I've had some success selling on the site, which is hosted by David Marine, Carol's husband, so that makes me want to get back into the swing of it, too !!!!!

Please come back and visit again, and Don't give up on me !!!!!