Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day Fifty-Six


6 x 8 oil on panel
40.00 + 6.00 s +h
I was sort of surprised when I really studied the color of these nectarines.  I always had in my mind that they were almost the same as a peach.  They are much more intense, and the colors are also alot darker.  Most of the effectiveness or success of a painting, I think, comes from the artist's Eye, rather than from their Hand. 
     I haven't gotten the knack of taking really good photos of my paintings.  I've taken them outside, flat on the ground, inside with flash, scanned on my scanner, too.   Then I have to change the pixels to no bigger than 600 pixels in any direction for the Fresh Paint site.  I've got so many versions on Picasa out there, I can't remember what's what.... Can anyone give me any "pointers" in doing the best photographs???


  1. Saw your blog on Virginia Floyd's site and just had to say I love this painting!

  2. Beautiful, intense colors! I wish I knew the answer to photographing paintings. I always get glare on mine.

  3. oui c'est vrai les couleurs sont intenses et maitrisées, j'aime !

  4. great painting!!Did you ever figure out the photography issue? BTW I love your blog!!Enjoy the teaching tips mixed in with the great paintings!!