Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day Fifty-Nine


8 x 8 oil on panel
50.00 + 6.00 s + h
I've never eaten a papaya before, in fact this one sat in the studio too long, and I didn't get to eat it either.   There is a store called Global Foods by my house which sells foods from all around the world, and they have wonderful produce, too, like this papaya.   I love the rich red-orange (one of my new favorite colors) and the contrasting purple cloth.  Aren't the seeds interesting, too?
     This photo doesn't do the colors justice, I'm afraid.  I still haven't quite gotten the 'taking pictures of my paintings' down pat yet...


  1. I like the rich colors in this one, Sandra.

    I think papayas are one of the most beautiful fruits, but their taste doesn't live up to their looks, in my estimation. I always have to use them in a fruit salad to disguise them.

  2. très belle papaye !