Friday, December 17, 2010

Day Ninety-Six

                                             'Pucker Up'

8 x 8 oil on panel
50.00 + 6.00 s + h
     I made a new recipe last week, and had to go out and buy lemons.  (It had chicken, lots of lemons, and was very easy... just baked in the oven)  Anyhoo, I've been thinking I wanted to paint some, too, so I picked up some yesterday.  During the ride home, I talked to a friend on the phone ( I know, I really try hard not to talk and drive) but, it was funny, because she said,"Why don't you paint some lemons?"..I told her that was what I was planning to do ! ha !
     Also, I have a good friend that has a passion for lemons in her tea...   She loves lemons a lot, too !  She can't drink iced tea without about 3 lemons in it.  
     This blue bowl was the creation of a wonderful potter that lives in Illinois.   His daughter is a teacher at the school where I used to teach.   We used to go annually to his pottery sales out in the country.   His cobalt blue pieces were my favorite.  This bowl has an unusual shape, thrown on the wheel and then modeled into a squareish shape.... very cool.


  1. Nice painting! The color palette is bight and luscious!

  2. I love lemon paintings. You did a great job on the values in your lemons. Nice and light and not overworked. Really pretty!