Thursday, August 29, 2013

African Zebra #138

     I finally got back to my cool, I mean COLD easel, and got another painting done for my newest grand-daughter, Vivian.  I'm doing this travel theme series for her wall, because she will be a traveler soon..... or so her mommy and daddy say, so here is a zebra from her mom's trip to Africa several years ago.   I had fun with it, but it was a challenge to keep the stripes believable, and yet use soft edges to give the overall looseness of the painting.  What do you think ??


  1. I think your idea of painting for your new granddaughter is a wonderful idea. Think of what it will mean to her when she is grown.

    Your animal paintings are superb.

  2. Looks great Sandy!! The stripes are certainly believable and I love how you integrated some of the background hues. Very beautiful, I'm sure your granddaughter will love it!

  3. I think it's simply gorgeous - love the loose feel - and the way he stands so naturally in his environment - love the way he's looking straight out at you too - I've painted zebras and the stripes drive me mad!