Thursday, February 16, 2012

Creative Wednesdays with my sis.....

Yesterday my sis and I got together for our weekly Creatathon.....  She worked on a ruffled skirt for her grandbaby, and I started a large canvas in acrylics.   I worked most of the day and pretty much just got the underpainting finished.  Boy, it's different working big.  I'm not used to my paintings taking that long.... ha  !
     I had found some cute fabrics to work with, and brought them home to start some skirts for my little ones......  Ruffles are a girls best friend, right?
     WELL, I didn't get a picture to post yet, so stay tuned for MORE TO COME.....

Meanwhile, here's a 'blast from the past'--- just couldn't resist !


  1. You gals are so creative! I have always wished I had a sister to share my life with.

  2. Yum! You are so talented across the board, Sandy! Love what you do with whatever medium you are working in!

  3. Oil Painting on Canvas

    Canvas is a plain weave fabric formed from cotton, linen, jute, cotton, hemp, or – today, when canvas has become a generic term for heavy, tightly-woven fabric - polyester.