Friday, February 10, 2012

An Art Teacher's Life !

     I've taught the last week and a half for a friend who went on a cruise with her hubby for his dental school reunion !  It was a great all girls Catholic school, with wonderful students who were very well behaved, and very fun to be with.  I enjoyed my week.  We had lessons on color, where we painted a color wheel, learned definitions, and color schemes, and then painted some cool designs.... We also did a copper tooling project with the Art appreciation students.   Several were working on the Pasta House competition (where students paint a famous painting, and include a plate of spagetti).   Several independent students were working on various projects, too.   I was able to complete a couple of painting, as well as show the students examples of my work, and my altered books, journaling books, and other art creations.  I brought a handful of paintings, and was actually able to illustrate color schemes using my work..... 
      I came home 'bushed' each day, though,   Just like a remembered doing while I taught !!!  While teaching, I never had the energy to get paintings done, because on the weekends I had to spend my time catching up with housework and other stuff, like running errands,etc.

 All in All-- I wouldn't give up my RETIREMENT FOR ANYTHING !!!!  I love not having to set the alarm clock ! 

By the Way-- Here's a painting from before the teaching 'gig'



  1. Truly excellent pears- so painterly and well formed. Sounds like you had a lot of fun in your class. And boy do I agree with you about retirement! I barely remember what it was like to go to work every day. And I loved my job too! But i love this more...

    1. So well put, Layne. I thought I'd not be so excited about retirement, because I really loved my job, too. It was a different time of my life, though, and now I'm able to do the things that I never had time for.... I LOVE IT !