Saturday, February 11, 2012

Never waste a minute that you can spend painting.... ha ha

     While teaching the students this week, I brought my acrylic paints to use during my 'off' hours.  It's a good thing for students to see a working artist, and to see that passion plays a large part of the mix.   They loved to ask questions about my works in progress, and the finished ones I brought, also.   I really enjoy working with my oils much better, but acrylics are certainly better than nothing when you can't use the oils...

    Here are the two that I completed...  I used photos for these, and some of the kids wanted me to take their picture and paint them.   I was able to get a few to work with in the future.


  1. Your portraits are wonderful and so inspiring to me! I'm glad I found your blog! I laughed when I read your words, I could have written those myself. I often draw in front of the students, while they are working on other things. I think it's good for them to see, too.

    1. I had a great art teacher in high school, but he never really stood in front of the classroom and 'taught'. In college, one of my best, and most effective teachers painted for us..... I remember thinking even then.... "that's daring, I don't know if I could stand up and paint in front of a class"...... But, I know that I can do it now... I think it's one of the best experiences that art students can be exposed to ! (I can't help ending sentences with prepositions, sometimes) ha ha ha