Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day One Hundred-Forty Three


6 x 6 oil on panel
40.00 + 6.00 s + h

     I don't think I could get one more thing into this composition, Ha !  I just love using all these colors together, and couldn't bring myself to leave anything out.... Color... Love it !


  1. You make me want to eat Mexican food! Is there a margarita to go with this?

  2. Absolutely beautiful! That little eggplant is a marvel! Love the reflected light. And I really like this composition. The shadows are really nice. Well done!

  3. aw.... guys.... it's not even 9 o'clock and three comments... I can't let this go to my head... ha ! you're all so nice !

  4. I wake up thinking about painting and since it's always too early to start painting, I go to my computer with a cup of tea and see what everyone else has been doing.

  5. Never too early, I always say... tee hee !