Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day One Hundred-Fifteen

                                            'Katie Bear'

6 x 8 oil on panel

     Not the same portrait as her sister... This one is growing on me, though.  I attempted the 12 x 12 canvas of Katie, but haven't gotten the likeness that I wanted.. I might just put it aside and start over on another one later one, but til then, this one I'll frame for her Mom and Dad !   If a portrait doesn't work well, I can only tweak it so much, and then it starts to get 'tired' looking... (I get a bit tired, too... at least tired OF IT !)
      Still love doing portraits, though !!


  1. This little girl is darling. Wow, I wish I could say I love doing portraits. So much pressure. I love your girls in the previous post. Great job on the eyes.

  2. Lovely portrait. This darling little girl looks so natural.