Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day One Hundred-Eighteen

                                   'Buffy's Oatmeal Bowl'

8 x 8 oil on panel
60.00 + 6.00 s + h

     Ya know how I was saying, yesterday, that I loved the spontaneity of that lemon painting?  WELL.. OMG did I do 'battle' with this bowl !  For one thing, the artist did cool colorations on the glaze, and the spout and handle, too... It has a large lip that actually has a ring of shadow within it...   I just went back and forth with all the details until this morning I just finally wanted to cry, "Uncle", I gotta lot of stuff to do today, and that includes many paintings, because I'll be busy babysitting later in the week.  You know that means there will be only time for game-playing, and play doh, and NO painting... ha !   Well, here I come, ready or not.... (at least my 2 year old critic said to me yesterday,  Grammie, I like yo painting !")-- tee hee- maybe that's enough for me !


  1. I think you won the battle with the bowl! Looks great! Good composition, too.

  2. thanks, Linda... you're sweet... got 6 or 7 to do in the next 2 days... ha !

  3. This is wonderful. You won on all counts! Really great colors in the side of the mug.

  4. I do like the richness of the table. It feels natural and warm. Makes me want some oatmeal...yum. :^)