Sunday, September 26, 2010

day sixteen...

"Here's lookin' at you, kid"  6 x 8 oil on panel

This little bird sits with my collection of several on my kitchen window sill.  My grandbaby Katie used to love to hold it while she would sit on the counter and watch me cook...  Do you like the colors?  


  1. San, I really like this little bird! Are you selling your daily works of art, by any chance? I might have a home for this one. -Jen Martin

  2. Oh, you sweetie... I'm going to try to join a Daily Painters site after I've posted for 3 or 4 weeks, and then they will all be for sale. The price per painting is 40. plus shipping, but I'm not sure how much that will be... (probably 5. or 6. for shipping, I'd guess)

    I'd certainly be willing to have you be my first customer !!

  3. Can we negotiate this shipping situation? How about $40 plus some fat ball cookies, and I just come pick the happy bird up? :)

  4. sure works for me, married lady !!! call me... or fb me, and tell me when you can make it.