Thursday, January 3, 2013

Time with Dad painting #87

     Here is DAY TWO of the challenge.   I had some fun reference photos, and wanted to paint them, but kept putting it off.  This seemed like the perfect opportunity to 'make it happen', as my daughter likes to say.  My darling, insightful co-worker (art teacher) used to say all the time, "The way to begin, is to begin."  and sometimes it's just THAT simple. !  Inspiration comes from DOING, not just contemplating what to do.... ha ha 
     I love to observe the interaction of children and their parents.  On this Saturday at Tower Grove park, I enjoyed watching this little boy and his dad.  They were mostly in the shade, with hints of sunlight, as they sat and splashed in the big fountain.


  1. Very nice painting. there is so much going on in it, yet it is very quiet. Good job capturing that.

  2. I like both your paintings of children at the fountain. Today I worked on a couple of paintings of my granddaughters at the beach. Painting water is not as easy as you'd think. And arms and hands... oh my! Yours look so nice. I struggled all afternoon on those, but at least I am painting. Thanks for encouraging me to do the challenge.

  3. Awesome, Peg ! so glad you are taking part ! You will learn from the experience, and I know you'll enjoy the process. No, painting is NOT EASY, but if it were, everyone would be able to do it... ha ha ! Stay at it ! looking forward to seeing your work !!