Sunday, January 13, 2013

No pears painting #97

     This was an acrylic painted I started awhile back.  While cleaning the studio I thought I'd paint over with oil and finish it.  It makes me think I want to get some bigger canvases and use bigger brushes to cover more areas.   Set up my larger easel, while cleaning up in my messy studio, and think the change will do me good.


  1. Hey Sandy - I love picking up started paintings or ones that never really made it and take a fresh look some time later, seems to work better for me too. I see this girl standing on a prairie - the sun setting or near setting in the afternoon - her look and thought seems so faraway - good job!

  2. It looks washed out to me... I went back into the studio, after posting it, started in on it again, and completely ruined it with too many values on the face.... just can't win, I guess !-- thanks, Pattie !