Friday, January 4, 2013

Really red persimmons painting #88

I love to paint persimmons now.  The green tops are so distinctive.  These 3 sort of changed colors, I think, because they sat in the studio in a plastic bag for a day or two over the holiday.  I couldn't quite find the time to paint them, so they were very dark and red when I finally did.  Day 3 of the challenge already !


  1. They are Beautiful! You did a great job pushing and pulling your subjects!
    kelly penn-reed

  2. Nice painting, I especially like the little highlight on the dish in front. I've enjoyed looking through your blog, my favorite? The red shoes!

  3. NIce job on the persimmons, and I really like all the other paintings on your blog, too.

  4. Wonderful brushwork! And funny that they turned so red...I like it! :)

  5. Sandy I am thrilled you have added me to your blog list. What a compliment!!!
    Yes I have a FB account but it is not an art account and I mostly just post family photos or my "thought for the day" or etc.

    So you'll see more of the artsy side of me on the blog. I hope you will try the Zentangles out. I am teaching them sort of "under the radar" because I am not a CZT (certified Zentangle instructor) but there are tons of wonderful blogs about Zentangles to learn from!!! I wonder which book you bought? There are a ton of them now...all of them pretty good. I am really enjoying your persimmons! Gorgeous reds.