Saturday, April 28, 2012

At the Park Painting #30

     This is Cassandra's mom, at the park the other day.   My granddaughters were playing on the playground. 
      I thought she had called her daughter, 'Sandra', which, is a pretty rare name for a little one, so I commented on it to her.  She corrected me, and I realized she could make a good painting study, so I snapped a few of her, kinda pretending to be getting pictures of my babies.... ha ha .... people always start to 'pose' if they think you're getting them in the picture !  Either that, or they don't want you to take it, but--it never looks exactly like them, anyway, so I don't know why they care...  Oh well

     Maybe some of you could offer some insight on how to get pictures of people without them noticing or caring ?


  1. I'm delighted to discover your blog, Sandy! Although I've been admiring it on DPW... Love your confident brushwork!

  2. thanks so much, Diane.... I love your work !

  3. Hi Sandy - I love the design and colors in this painting. Very powerful. Thanks for stopping by my blog of painted women. Marie