Monday, January 16, 2012

Newest Baby Quilt- almost finished.....

I've FINALLY gotten this baby quilt finished.... well, not exactly finished, but ready to be bordered, and then taken to the Machine-Quilter Lady in Eureka, Mo. to have her stitch all the layers together. It took FOREVER, because I accidentally used a different weave of fabric on the white areas, so they had to each be trimmed and put together SEPARATELY, because somehow they stretched a bit.... Well, I stuck it out and got it finished ! I wouldn't quit, because it's for one of my best friends daughters, who is having her first baby in March, making that baby, Pat's FIRST grandchild !!! Very, very, significant.... I'm so happy for all of them !! This design, I think, has charm because it's made from old-fashioned fabrics from the 1930's.... Much in the same way the first quilts were made, from leftovers, using old dresses and worn shirts. There is a certain 'fondness' I have for that look......


  1. Wow! you are so gifted! this is just lovely!!

  2. Beautiful job! I love those old-fashioned prints too. Reminds me of my grandfather's shirts and my grandmother's aprons.