Thursday, January 12, 2012

DisneyWorld 2012

It's been about 25 years since we've been to DisneyWorld, when our kids were small. This week we spent 4 days there with our son, his wife, and our 2 granddaughters. It couldn't have been MORE FUN ! We had a delightful time, getting to share this all with them, and reliving the memories over and over. We had adjoining rooms in a fabulous hotel, and got to swim in a really cool 'lazy river' pool one morning in the 75-80 degree temperatures. The adventures at the Magic Kingdom were so much fun, especially meeting all the Disney characters at the 'Chef Mickey' restaurant breakfast.... PaPa and I took the girls to that, and we SO much loved experiencing their joy in seeing all the characters as they came to our table, and signed autographs.
We met many of the princesses, and fairies, like TinkerBell, too. The girls, and their parents, got to have dinner in the castle with the princesses.....
During the day, the girls got to see Prince Eric and Ariel,(Gracie's favorite), get her autograph, and talk with her. Prince Eric even came over and gave Gracie and Kate a special kiss on the forehead, as he singled them out after they had met with him and Ariel. All the princesses are So adorable !!!

We LOVED being a part of all the FUN !!!!
The rides were so much fun, the lines were not too long. We were told this is the best time of the year to go there. Ted and Di, and Papa and I got to ride Space Mountain, which has special memories for our family... ha ha !
Added to all this, we had great meals and fun at our hotel, including dining in the restaurant, which goes out of their way to hire fabulous, entertaining and engaging waiters. We had some really good food there, and visited with some cool guys who worked in the restaurant, as well.
The flights were smooth, with the return flight attendant keeping us in 'stitches' with his quips. The whole plane applauded his fun-hilarious, entertaining antics ! We came from a 78 degree spot to St. Louis, with snow, and temperature around 22 degrees, a shock. It was so much fun...... We will always remember what a fun trip with our 2 favorite little girls !!!!

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