Saturday, January 21, 2012

I don't know why, but after a little 'time off' it is somehow very difficult to get back and get started again. Is it fear of failure? not sure, my good friend and teaching buddy and I used to discuss this quite often. Somehow, it's related to the fact that after spending hours at painting, one feels they must have a FINISHED PRODUCT to show for it. Unfortunately, though, that is not the right approach, I don't think. Just like stretching before exercise, I feel I must do some artistic 'stretching' and work the kinks out.... This morning I sat down (finally) at my easel and did some tried and true exercises. One was the 10 minute study, the other was the 'value' study, which really helps me focus on the seeing and painting the correct values. There is alot I'm trying to remember, since I've been away from it for several months.... I've done my quilting, babysitting, cooking, etc. and put the painting 'on the back burner' for too long now.... so..... I'm BACK

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