Friday, February 3, 2017

Well, well, well

Well, I'm through the month of 30/30 challenge, but I want to keep the ball rolling.  I decided to do some more shoes, cause I like them.  I visited a few thrift stores, looking for funky heels, and ended up in an upscale resale shop that only sells designer items..... VERY COOL, I might add.

     I couldn't afford their prices, even for pre-owned shoes, if I was just going to paint them, so I made a deal with the manager.  She said, although their policy is NO returns, she would let me take them, if I left my credit card number, and then I COULD return them, if  it only took a couple of days, or so.....WELL, I got right on it !  I finished a little 6 x 6, and thought I'd return the shoes today, and guess what?  Of course, I can't find the receipt..... OH, that's just my luck.... hopefully she will be working today, and will have her copy of the receipt and will tear it up, when I return them.

      Wish me luck.   Here's the shoes by Sergio Rossi (69.00-USED)


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