Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Change it UP

Decided to change it up today.  I found these and just HAD to paint them... I remember I used to give a sketchbook assignment to my high school drawing students, "draw one of your shoes", and then I specified that they needed to draw one with laces..... Oh My, you would have thought I was torturing them..... I DID know that it required good powers of observation, which I new would challenge them... but then again.. that's the whole IDEA.. ha ha ha 

    Soooo, I gave  myself the same challenge, only with PAINT.

(Boy, I wish Someone would leave my a comment sometime... I look everytime to see if anyone has replied, and I get so hopeful, oh well)


  1. No comments? Heres one. I follow your blog because I really enjoy your art. These shoes are really cute. Thanks for sharing.

  2. thanks so much, Janene..... seeing that I had a comment was just like Christmas... glad you like the high tops.

  3. Ha! here's another comment! Usually I hit REPLY and send you one that way! Is this better?
    LOVE your stuff, darling!

  4. you're the darling.... I love your animals !!!
    You capture the essence with just swatches of color and value.... a true talent ! (if people only knew how hard that is)
    thanks for the comment, my dear.