Sunday, January 1, 2017

Been awhile since I've posted here.... 

     The reason I've not posted relate to 2 issues.  First, most of my photos now are taken with an iphone, and thus cannot readily be added to my blog.  (Photos for the blog must be taken with a camera, so I can take the card out and transfer them to picasa and edit them, in order to be able to post.)

     Second,  my recent posts were there specifically to be part of an application for a grant I was applying for.... The blog served as my "website", for a time, so I could relay information to the people who were judging my application..... (By the way, I didn't get the grant, which was for a considerable sum, and was granted to people in ALL the arts, including poetry, sculpture, dance, writing, etc., so I didn't feel too badly.)  Anyway, I will try again next year, and by that time I will have an actual Website.... yay

 I am taking part in the Leslie Saeta challenge, called 30 paintings in 30 days, again.  Go to this site to see all 200 or more paintings each day...

----Thirty paintings in Thirty Days challenge January 2017----

 It always gives me a little motivation to paint everyday and post.....

Here's Day #1

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