Friday, February 1, 2013

Whew... It's been a busy January

     I've learned a lot during this challenge.  Several things stand out in my mind:
           1. Have fun with what you do.  It is always more enjoyable if you can make it light, and not get too stressed  about the task at hand.
           2. Mix it up a bit.  You don't have to have hard and fast rules for yourself. 
           3. Just the act of painting daily give a sort of rhythm to your work.  It frees up your technique.
           4. Try something new.  I've always wanted to try doing a palette knife painting, and even though I wasn't too impressed with the outcome, I'm glad I wasn't afraid to get out of my comfort zone.
           5. Even if you've not had much time to paint, get a painting started ANYWAY. ! (I mean, even if it's 10:00 at night )  It's surprising how just getting an idea down on the canvas can spark some energy in the artist... ha !
           6. Be kind to yourself... Every painting is not going to be a masterpiece, and that's alright !  You may just 'hit the ball out of the park' when you least expect it !
           7. Be diligent.  If you WANT something, MAKE IT HAPPEN.  You are the only one who can really discipline yourself...
           8. Think about marketing.  I've decided that 2013 will be the year I finally take that seriously.
           9. Enjoy the camaraderie of other like minded people.   Being part of this challenge has connected me with tons of wonderful artists on the blog and facebook.  It's so fun to see what they are doing and sharing my work with them.
          10. Let the people around you (, etc.) see your passion for what you are doing, by making it a priority in your life.  People always spend time on things that are truly important to them.

p.s.  Remember to always say 'thank you' to those who are supportive !


  1. Sandy, good for you!!! Your group of paintings are marvelous! Really inspires me to get painting!

  2. Beth, so good to see you there.... Those are words I love to hear !!! (or read) ha ha
    It really helped me to commit to the challenge, so if you come across an opportunity like that, I'd grab it.... it really helps you focus on being in the studio, and being productive !!! keep in touch !

  3. Sandy, hello! I like seeing the month of paintings - and I like your list a lot too, I think it sums up a lot of good points - it'd be nice to hang it on the studio wall as a reminder.

  4. Beautiful paintings! I liked them!
    Thank you for your list of advices!