Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dolly with mary janes #115

     This is an old school doll.  She's similar to one my sister had ( I wasn't big on dolls back in the day)  Anyway, I rescued her from the basement at an estate sale a month ago.  She looked pretty ragged, with a filthy dress (homemade, which I love) and grimey skin.   I cleaned her up ( that part was fun, cause I kinda talked to her the whole time, ha !)  and decided to paint her... Very big challenge to get her right and still keep a sort of looseness to the painting...   Well, I think it turned out, even though it got a bit more complicated that I had thought.... maybe I need to think ahead before I get into this kind of detail... Oh well, she's finished and maybe I'll do something simpler today... especially since it's Superbowl Sunday !!!


  1. Now that you've gotten to know her, try again. I bet the next piece will be looser!

  2. you're probably right !!! It's funny how that works ! thanks, Pam !