Sunday, June 17, 2012

Brush Cleaning Tips...

     We all know how fun cleaning brushes is, don't we?   Especially when you are dead-tired, and it's 11:00 at night...  Well, I've found something that makes it so much easier. (I used to use Dial soap, and rub the heck out of them, leaving them all splayed and frazzled)

     Step 1- Remove excess paint on paper towels

     Step 2- Into the Odorless mineral spirits, and another wipe on the towel.

     Step 3-  Fill half of a child play ball (rubbery and pliable, and about the size to fit in your hand- mine was from Walgreens) with Murphy's Oil Soap. 

     Step 4-  Rub each brush thoroughly in the soap, rinse ...

     Step 5-  If you are not painting for awhile, clean one more time in the Brush Cleaner and  rinse again, before storing !             


  1. Great post! One of the things I've been doing lately is to clean my brushes with baby oil. I first try to wipe out as much paint on a paper towel, as you do. Then I dip each brush into a clean jar of baby oil, wiping clean until all traces of paint are gone. I also wash my brushes in Masters. The baby oil eliminates the need to dip brushes in Gamsol, keeping my brushes -- and my hands soft!

  2. I love Murphy' Oil Soap. I am like a commercial for it! If you have a brush that is stiff with paint because you forgot to clean it, put it in a cup with MOS, and it will come perfectly clean.
    It will also get dried paint out of your clothing! Just pour the soap on it and let is stand a few minutes.