Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vase of Roses


I tried this on a 9 x 12 canvas, which is BIG for me, and it seemed as though it took forever. (I'm so used to the smaller ones) Was able to leave the strokes alone better than ever before, but still I didn't have all the values correct, and found myself going back over to darken, or add some lights to the flowers. I have this vase, which was thrown by a potter, has a handle, and is the perfect color to complement (compliment) the roses pinkish-orangish-yellow.
I've set up my studio to paint standing now... BUT, It's Killing my feet and legs.... I'M DETERMINED to keep it up, and give it more time, to see if I can handle it ! Changing everything back to sitting would be a big deal. I do wish I had a little bit better ventilation... maybe a special fan?

OH, ALSO ----- I am having an impossible time leaving comments for anybody on their blogs !!! I've even entered a forum to ask questions about itit, and other people are having the same problem, with no help,whatsoever, frfrom Blogger... ANYHOO---I CAN leave a comment, under ANONYMOUS... only trouble is, then no one can click to see my site ! It's a mess... Anyway- I'm trying to get it worked out. I DO COME SEE YOUR SITES... and LOVE TO MAKE COMMENTS ! thanks to Virginia Floyd, Carol Carmichael,
and Suzanne Berry, and the others who always leave me some great feedback... thank you !


  1. Great job, Sandy! Terrific job on those roses. I like how the ones in the background are more subtle and suggested, while the center one has the most detail. Great job on the values in the vase. I like how you handled the light on the shadow side. I like the change in your painting style. You have some really good things happening!

  2. PS. Glad you got the comment thing working!