Saturday, August 13, 2011

I've died and gone to Workshop Heaven...

Thank You, Carol Marine.... You are an amazingly talented young women, with a generousity which is incredible and talent and expertise to match....
I've never attended a workshop before, but last week my hubby and I drove 11 hours to Door County, Wisconsin... to Fish Creek, on Lake Michigan to a delightful little spot, where I enjoyed one of the most SPECIAL weeks of my life !
I've followed Carol for awhile, and decided when she had a workshop with an opening, I'd jump in and go before it filled up... GOOD DECISION...
I learned SOOOO much, and Carol made us put the knowledge she'd shared with us INTO PRACTICE, which really solidified it in our brains ! It was a challenge to be sure, but we all loved every minute of it, and wanted it to go on for another week, at least ! ha ha !!!
The women were absolutely fantastic, too, and I hope we have established some long lasting relationships, and can do some trips in the future, too... (Tuscany-2013 !!).... such a fun thought !!
Thanks, Kat, Beth, Lin, Nancy, Sherrie, Dawn, Barb, Jennifer, Dede, and all the rest... especially our lovely, Carol Marine... IT WAS WONDERFUL ! If you can't fit your head through the door, tell David it's OUR fault, not yours ! ha !!! we loved it !


  1. Love your post about the workshop. I attended one of Carol's workshops a couple of years ago, and it was because of her that I started my blog. She is so popular now that it's hard to get into one, they fill up so fast! I had to sign up two years in advance for one in January 2012.

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Lucky girl. Glad you had the experience.