Monday, February 16, 2015

Tuxedo Park


  I have taken lots of reference photos, walking down the sidewalks, scanning the various views..... People that are outside on their porches, or on their lawns usually notice that I am there, I never felt any need to be sly about what I was doing.   While taking this photo, the man from across the street was pulling out of his driveway, made a U-turn and came back around to stop next to me.... He rolled his window down and said, "What are you taking pictures for?"   He then asked me if I tried to come back to the homeowners and sell them the paintings, which I've never really done, except for the time I participated in the 'Paint Webster' event last year....I don't know if it's curiosity, so much, or fear of strangers...
     Anyway, most of the pictures don't get used.  It's really hard to get just perfect shots to use, but this one I really loved the shadows on the side of house, and the way the sunlight was catching here and there....

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  1. The comfort zone of 'tight painting' cocoons an artist into a state of accomplishment much like an athlete with a great cross over dribble. Until one day our athlete comes upon her better skilled opposition who proceeds to 'take her school' in front of many. Starting from tight and attempting to go loose is one of the hardest habits to overcome simply because one is so good at what one is already doing. Successful artists I've met who have attempted this change tell me the egg-timer is the key. Giving yourself 30 minutes to get it done rather than disciplining yourself within a 4 hour window forces you to go straight to the heart of the matter. What you leave out... is more than compensated by what you have put in.