Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Plein air today in Old Orchard in Webster

It was a relative windy day, but enjoyable too.  I was planning on doing a painting of the outdoor market next door to this building, but couldn't get the right angle for it.   I really like this building, which ia one of the older ones in Webster Groves.  It's been a furniture store and a record store, and an outdoor clothing store, too, in the time I've been alive.   It's now a pretty cool upscale interesting restaurant, with outdoor seating and very different dishes on the menu. 
     As I was finishing, this nice older woman walked toward me, glanced back to look at my viewpoint, and then said, with somewhat surprise.  "I thought that view wasn't very interesting until I saw your painting  You made the painting look better than the real thing."  I thought that was very sweet, and told her thanks.  She said ,"Where are you going to display this?" so I told her about the plein air show I'm participating in next month.  She said, "I'll have one of my children bring me."  It's so fun to talk to people who are interested in art !

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