Thursday, March 7, 2013

Erica and Chalonda #126

     I started this with a painted all over surface, and then started to work on it with mineral spirits and q-tips... It was challenging, but fun.... By subtracting and then adding, over and over, it started to take shape.  I wasn't that concerned with whether or not it got a likeness, but only with being loose.....  I also decided to only use colors that were left on my palette from yesterday.  
     The sweet face belongs to Erica, who works for my Doctor, and takes such good care of me !

The second portrait is Chalonda, who took the exray of my foot when I left the Drs office on Tuesday....


  1. Hi Sandy! Nice job on the portraits! The limited pallette seems to be a good choice. Did you find that you had to stop and think more before applying the colour? Or was it the opposite where you thought less?

  2. less, I'd say... I thought almost entirely about value. My main concern was staying loose, and q-tips made me do that !