Saturday, December 1, 2012

Donkey Party shoes?? painting # 82

      My sis and I used to have booths at the antique mall right outside of St. Louis, and we had lots of fun buying, selling, painting furniture, and working together in this little business venture.   We have since given that up... (in the hopes of having more time to paint) but, I still have a few items from my accumulation.  I used to love to buy that old vintage stuff !  Well, this is a box from the old 'pin the tail on the donkey' game that we used to play at parties when I was little, back in the day.   Thought it would make a good accompaniment for these classic red patent leather mary janes.   Brings back memories of my daughter and grand-daughters tiny feet, too.


  1. beautifully done sandy!! those shoes are amazing and have so much character, i can almost hear them giggling!

    and thank you so very much for your incredibly kind and supportive words. you are wonderful and i appreciate them more than you'll ever know.

    happy creating my friend!

    1. are so special.. thanks for sharing your gifts with the world !

  2. Mary Janes are just so classic. Lovely painting, really takes you back in time :)

  3. I love this little painting and the idea behind it. What a lovely memory painting.