Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Exercise with Composition... not timed

   Rule of thirds:  
     Imagine your picture plane divided into thirds in both directions.  Focal point for the composition, ideally, could be at any point of the intersecting lines.     Composition is more pleasing with the focal point off center, and never directly in the center of the image.  This creates asymmetrical balance, rather than formal balance, and is more pleasing to the eye.  

Just leave the impression of your subject.... Tell a story...My hubby actually came to get this, while I was painting it... Lunchtime.  He did bring it back, though !!


  1. Ha! I have trouble drawing from life when my husband is around too. I once tried drawing him as my subject, which was impossible, as he didn't understand the importance of sitting still... Your painting is great, with good color movement and shape variation and repetition, and thank you for the reminder about the basics of good composition!

    1. thanks for the insight, Katherine. Life sometimes gets in the way of our mission, which is 'to paint'... ha ha.