Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Naptime, circa 1950 Painting #36

     I set this up before I left for Arkansas, about a week ago.  Yesterday, I was anxious to go and get my eye surgery, and wanting something to occupy a few hours.  I started this, no drawing at all, just began with my brush, locating areas of extreme light and dark, and letting the image just emerge.   I started to see a shoe there, ( these are very old, and worn, from an antique sale... ) and I just kept refining.  It was kinda fun, no hassle or pressure.   The little quilt is one I made for my granddaughter for her baby dolls, out of left over fabric from a baby quilt I recently completed.     All in all, I like the results, because they truly are looser than my usual paintings.  Since these could have actually been 'baby boomer ' shoes, I named it "Naptime, circa 1950", with the help of my daughter...

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  1. Love this painting! The antique shoes combined with the quilt are just beautiful. Good luck with your surgery.