Monday, April 4, 2011

Day One Hundred-Ninety Nine

'3 Cookies'

8 x 8 oil on panel
100.00 + 4.00 s + h

I just couldn't think of a title for the life of me ! I realized after it was too late that I'd placed this vase smack dab in the middle of the composition. I never like to do that, and I'm usually more conscious of it, but I'm a bit 'off' since I've been out of town for almost a week. It takes a while to get back into the swing of the painting routine. I'd better get busy ! No more lolly-gaggin!


  1. So happy to have found your blog from Suzanne Berrys blog. Your work is lovely.

    all the best to you.

  2. The placement of the other items offsets the fact that the vase is in the center. I didn't actually notice it until you mentioned it. The daffodils are lovely, and I love the little figurine.

  3. I like this one. The pink hat of the figurine first caught my eye and there is lots of good things to look at and have your eye travel. Love the daffodils:)

  4. The vase doesn't bother me at all because the focal point, for me, is the figurine to the left. Very lovely painting!