Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day One Hundred-Seventy One


I love our wonderful, funny, sweet, mailman. He WAS going to retire, so I asked him to pose for a picture (I didn't say I was going to do a portrait of him) and I presented it to him... As it turned out, he had to keep working because his son lost his job, so Eddie can't retire just yet! He is such a doll, all of us in the neighborhood love him !!!


Becky was my student, and so was her cute younger brother. She was in my Art foundations class, and later took the Drawing Classes from me, and then one called 'Applied Design', where students learned, collage, altered books, to knit, and lots of other stuff... what a doll ! Becky is going into Art Education, too ! they make me so proud !


What a cute, spunky, girl, full of personality and charisma ! She has such a unique style about her ! She's gonna go FAR !!!

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  1. sandy, these are breathtaking!! they seem to be quite simply done, but as one looks they instantly take on a photo-realism feel. just amazing.